Rib Nights Round 4

Rib Nights Round 4

The Rib Nights team have really perfected this quirky and unique banquet style evening. I wrote a review for Round 2 which you can read here to get the jist of the evening. Round 4, in my opinion, bought the best selection of Ribs that Rib Nights has seen so far…

Andy Annat BBQ Crackerjack vs Racks of Ruin BBQ Pit Crew

The winners for Round 4: Andy Annat BBQ Crackerjack

image 2

If you like the following things then Rib Nights is the ideal Sunday gorging fest for you…
1. RIBS (accompanied with delicious sides – chips, coleslaw, bread)
2. Welcome shots to whet your appetite
3. Banquet style dining to get to know fellow rib lovers
4. Cocktails
6. Music
7. A chance to win an incredible piece of art whilst contributing to a great cause
8. A friendly, happy and passionate selection of teams, from cooking the ribs to delivering them to your table

image 3

Is there anything missing? Pudding? No worries, a surprise is served up at the end… just in case you’ve got space. It was brownies for Round 4… perfect brownies.

So if you’re up for an evening of ribs and so much more then you know what to do….