New Years Eve, Antwerp, Belgium


So this year, or should I say last year, Antwerp was the destination for New Years Eve. I’ve never spent NYE out of the UK and I was unsure whether it was this fact that swayed me to go or the opportunity to gorge myself on frites and waffles. Both lived up to expectations so all in all, a successful trip spent with two great Sarahs.

NYE was, as you would expect full of fireworks, count downs (two- one for Belgium and one for the UK) and drinks so I won’t bore you with all the details.

The food was spot on. Naturally, as you do, I arrived looking for a typical Belgian meal and ended up with Asian… but I’m not complaining (well may be a small complaint, but that’s to come).

I spent the first day with Sarah #1 as Sarah #2 was at work (she was our host). We decided to go to Ghent, a city in the North of Belgium with beautiful architecture, but more importantly a market! We devoured frites (covered in mayo and what I think was a mix of salt and white pepper) and apple gluwein which warmed us through and left us satisfied with our trip.


That evening we went to Lucy Chang, a restaurant in Marnixplaats, Antwerp. It was reasonably priced, may be a tad on the expensive end. The food came so quickly, it arrived before our drinks which wasn’t an issue other than the fact that my beef chow mein was so salty I was gasping for a drink. The meal was tasty but service on the drinks end was a tad slow and I was thirsty until the next morning! It almost felt like they wanted to get us English lot over and done with and out the way. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the meal and had some great company so I would go back. It was a bit dark in there so photos aren’t great!


Other treats included a waffel covered in melted chocolate which was wonderful. I could only eat half though and that’s because I don’t really have a sweet tooth. I’m still yet to master the fork with a serrated side to cut the waffle. Cute but requires practice. Also, we had a moochie which isn’t particularly Belgian but it filled the spot. White chocolate and raspberries – what a great combo.


Finally, New Years Day brought with it a fry up in a sandwich. It was needed and it did the job. The only thing I would say is I prefer British bacon, but everything else, the sausages, egg and bacon were spot on. Plus, when you get an egg like the one I had (in the pic below) you know, for a few short moments, all is right in the world because I HAVE A RUNNY EGG!

ImageSo all in all, I got what I needed from Belgium and I had a great started to 2014. Thank you Belgium, you have made one very hungry girl happy and I will no doubt be back again.