mu mu

I travelled half of the country for this burger. Alright, more like half of the county but that is still serious commitment. I’d heard of mu mu burgers from a number of sources and pictures of the gourmet meals kept popping up on my Facebook feed (sometimes you have to trust Facebook people). So I herded some friends up and we made the long, difficult trek to the faraway land of Kettering. Was it worth the time/effort/diesel money? Well, yes it was.

image 6

Look at that beauty. Oozing with delicious juices and cheese. I went for ‘The Something Blue’ which had blue cheese (incase you hadn’t guessed), caramelised red onion, mu mu blue cheese sauce and smoked streaky bacon. It was juicy, tender and packed with flavour. Another thing I loved about mu mu is that you get your chips INCLUDED with your burger. Can you believe it? These days, anywhere that serves a good burger seems to leave the chips out of the whole equation, making you buy them as a side. Well congratulations mu mu for thinking about us chip lovers, we really do appreciate it.
This little venue is a gem. Book ahead and follow them on Facebook, they always seem to be running competitions. My main concern is, when are you coming to Northampton mu mu?!

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