Uyen Luu’s Vietnamese Cooking Class

Taylah and I had an amazing time in London last weekend thanks to a great day spent with Uyen Luu at her Vietnamese Cooking Class. Costed at £95, it is a fun day with stacks of recipes to try and more importantly, eat.


The class took more of a demonstration approach which meant we spent much of the time huddled around the stove paying close attention to what Uyen and her mum were saying. However, there were lots of opportunities to get stuck in and we rolled our own summer rolls and bò lá lởt and flipped our own sizzling crepes.





The class had a great atmosphere and we got stuck into the true Vietnamese culture. We took our shoes off once we arrived and visited a nearby Vietnamese supermarket to discover the best brands. We also learnt about balancing sweet, sour, umami, bitter and hot flavours; something which is vital in Vietnamese food.

In total we discovered 11 dishes which included summer rolls, bò lá lởt, carrot and chicken salad with prawn crackers, chicken noodle soup, congee, baked seabass with spring onions and soy sauce, stir fried morning glory, aubergine in soy sauce, braised pork belly in coconut and cider, banana fritters and a blueberry ice cream dessert.

Not only that but we all left with some of the summer rolls, bò lá lởt and carrot and chicken salad that we had made.

Overall, I would really recommend this cooking class. It was an intimate style class, run by two ladies dedicated to sharing true Vietnamese cooking. We were welcomed into Uyen’s home which was ideal for the class and even greeted by two delightful, small (well fed) dogs. It was a really relaxed occasion which ended with a great feast and the opportunity to buy signed copies of Uyen’s recipe book.IMG_5149

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