Phât Phúc Noodle Bar, Chelsea

It’s a tough life; shopping, eating, sitting around drinking coffee… so when we stumbled across Phât Phúc Noodle Bar in Chelsea we came to the quick conclusion that we deserved a nice bowl of noodles. Whilst the noodle bar is outdoors it’s warm and cosy. A note of warning: there’s a real danger of reminiscing of travels to far away places – the two Sarah’s and me were left with travelling blues with a particular focus on Thailand. And so we were left grumpy… grumpy and hungry, what a terrible combination…
image 5
 But the food arrived quickly and we were soon left full to the brim and full of smiles…

image 2

*Phew*. Myself and Sarah had the prawn laksa which had 4-5 big juicy prawns in it. The other Sarah had the vegetable laksa which featured mange tout, broccoli, mushrooms and tofu among other goodies.

image 4image

And so we left happy. Of course we had a good giggle at the whole “Phât Phúc” thin which we learnt actually means Happy Buddha (thank goodness).

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