Nutbourne, Battersea

If you’ve been to or heard of The Rabbit or The Shed, you’ll know that the food is top quality, full of seasonal produce and down right delicious. You’ll also know that the menu is packed full of interesting and different ingredients which is the beauty of eating somewhere like this where you can trust the concoctions put together through and through, even if you haven’t heard of half of the menu.
Four out of five of us went all out and ordered the fillet steak, served with truffle duxelles. They were four happy diners, each making happy noises whilst shovelling in the rare steak.
We were all impressed with the vegetables on offer. Everyday veg pimped up to be the star of the show. Grilled baby gem salad, cucumber, onion seeds and red onion, BBQ heritage carrots, almond, honey and thyme and finally Brussel sprouts with apple and granola. I went for the bone marrow tortellini with sherry butter sauce. I felt it was lacking salt, it needed something with a little bit more flavour given it had a healthy portion of garnish on top. I had the larger portion which came with 5 pieces of tortellini (£13.50), given it was supper time I would have hoped for a few more pieces.


Next up was dessert and hooray! There is such an interesting selection of things to choose from. I went for lovage and whey ice cream with golden grapes and basil. It was like nothing I’ve had before but in all the right ways. A delicious and light way to polish off the meal.
Overall, a brilliant meal from Nutbourne. I was left feeling underwhelmed compared to my fellow diners but still had a fantastic meal. It is rather pricey here with most of the mains requiring several sides but it really does give you the opportunity to embrace the seasons and try lots of new and exciting flavours.