Mother Mash, Soho

image 2
I’ve been in London for less than a week and I appear to have spent a considerable amount of money on eating out. I felt less guilty about my trip to Mother Mash with some University friends because of it’s great prices along with its delicious, hearty food. It hit the spot especially with the weather getting colder and evenings getting darker; I almost felt like I was snuggled up at home with some proper home cooked food. Ok, may be not quite with the wooden benches and extra garden peas that we accidentally accepted in a moment of confusion, then to be told they weren’t for us… sorry but I’ve already stirred them into my gravy, do you still want them back?!
Anyway, paying £8.95 each we got our own choice of mash with two delicious sausages and lashings of gravy. We left feelings full to the brim in a warm, fuzzy kind of way and rolled back to the tube station. I ordered bubble and squeak mash (if you can fry it then it’s got to be yummy – which it was) with the premium pork sausages and onion gravy.
So if you’re looking for a well priced meal thats going to fill you up and warm you through, Mother Mash will deliver.

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