Mama Wangs Chinese Street Food Cookery Class

When I think of Chinese food I think of millions of ingredients, most of which I have no idea what they are or where to find them. Jessica, the founder of Mama Wangs Kitchen quickly changed my mind after we made three delicious meals during one of her street food cookery classes last weekend. Taylah and I have been to a few cookery classes now and the Mama Wangs class certainly did not disappoint.
We began with Duck Jian Bing (classic Chinese breakfast crepes with roast duck)… Minimal ingredients, quick to make and absolutely delicious.
image 2It had a cracked egg on top and was smothered in hoisin sauce. Unfortunately it didn’t last long as I quickly demolished it. The class was really hands on and we were given the chance to make everything from scratch. Whilst we were a little short for time, I’m glad Jessica managed to cram three dishes in as they were all so different and tasty and I will certainly be making them again. Next we started making the Jisi Liangmian (tossed chicken noodles with a creamy sesame paste sauce). A cold, lighter dish crammed with fresh vegetables…
image 8
Finally we made Roujiamo (Chinese flatbread sandwiches with red-braised pork belly) which was so rich and decadent. We even made the flatbread ourselves and then ate them in about two mouthfuls. We cooked the pork belly in a sauce that quickly turned thick and sticky.
imageimage 6
We left feeling full to the brim. The only thing I would have liked was the opportunity to sit down to enjoy our food. As the class over ran we had to shovel it down quite quickly and the food was so delicious that I would have liked the time to really enjoy it. We could have taken some home with us but we weren’t told to  bring tupperware and none was provided so we stored it in our stomachs.
Jessica was a fantastic host and kept an eye on us all to make sure we made the best possible food. I learnt some truly great dishes that I hope to share with others – I’ve already bought the duck so WATCH OUT I’m making crepes!

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