Byron, Kings Road

I am beginning to think of myself as a burger connoisseur. Is that a thing? Well if it’s not, it should be. And if it is, I’m looking to become a professional. The burger I had a Byron was up there in one of the best burgers I’ve had in a restaurant (yes Mum, your burgers are still number 1).  Initially I was sceptical about Byron as I saw it as more of a fast food chain style restaurant. Whilst it is a chain and the service isn’t exactly slow, there is nothing slapdash about the food they serve up. I went for the Smoky (smoked Cheddar, streaky bacon, crispy fried onions, shredded iceberg, pickles and smoked chilli BBQ sauce). We also had sides of onion rings and skinny fries.
There’s not an awful lot you can say about burgers other things like juicy, flavoursome, meaty and basically delicious. This burger was all of these things. The bacon was perfectly cooked – CRISPY. They serve a smashing gherkin too. Whilst Patty and Bun are still my favourite place to head for the ultimate burger, Byron is not far off and I will certainly be returning soon.

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