Bintang, Kentish Town

Me and Sarah headed over to Kentish Town a few weekends ago for a friends birthday party and let me tell you, it was worth the one hour journey across London. We took advantage of Bintang’s Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) option and paid £20 a head for corkage and a main course. A few of us thought this was a little steep as we were essentially just paying for a main course in terms of food and a few nibbles would definitely have been welcome. Nonetheless the food was mouthwateringly good (yes I am dribbling at my laptop). I went for the duck gua bao with wasabi slaw and sweet potato fries, heaven on a plate.
photo 1
The only complaint I had about the dish was that my (and Sarah’s) bun and filling was cold which was a shame… still delicious though. Also, I loved the plates that Bintang use – almost creating an Asian-British fusion. Others had the Katsu Chicken Goujon Curry…
Another dish which got positive reviews – “better than Wagamamas” I heard.
imageimage 2
 Overall, a great evening with top notch food. Service was quick and friendly, including the chefs who you often bump into on your way to the garden area. I shall certainly be heading back here to try Bintangs other delights.

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