The Lost and Found April 2014

This week I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to try the new Lost and Found menu. When I first heard the rumour of a new menu I was so excited because I have always loved the food on offer so I knew I was going to be in for a treat.



As ever, the service was quick, friendly and relaxed despite the fact that it was really busy, especially in the bar. Nevertheless, our drinks came quickly, shortly followed by our food. The online menus are a tad outdated so I’d definelty recommend emailing for a menu or risking it and booking a table (there’s sure to be something you like!)… If you’re as excited as I was when I first saw them you’ll be ringing them up immediately to make a reservation.


We started with cocktails…

2014-04-24 19.39.33-1

    2014-04-24 19.39.41

 A Cranberry and Apple Swizzle for me and a Rum Old Fashioned for Danny. Both went were really refreshing and great accompaniments to our meal. The waitress also bought water to the table.


2014-04-24 19.57.08                                              2014-04-24 19.57.19


For me, salted corned beef with sticky brown sauce, gherkins, watercress and soda bread. Such a different starter that I haven’t seen anywhere else. You might think salt beef to be the tinned meat found at the supermarket wedged in-between two slices of white bread in a primary school children’s lunch box. But push aside any presumptions you might have about corned beef and choose this generous starter.


For Danny, crispy fried goats cheese with a beetroot and horseradish remoulade and beetroot puree. A heart-warming, decadent starter. The combination of the creamy cheese and strong beetroot combined with horseradish was delicious (of course I tried some)!



2014-04-24 20.29.04                                                                    2014-04-24 20.29.25


I very rarely have pork when I eat out but this dish really caught my eye. Maple and soy glazed pork belly with creamed savoy cabbage, lardons, creamy mash and crackling. Don’t tell me you’re not salivating as you read. The pork was wonderfully cooked, it fell apart and married perfectly with its glaze. This comforting meal was my ideal dish and it will be difficult not to choose this, instead of trying something new, on my next visit.


Danny had six hour braised beef shin with a red wine jus, celeriac mash, crispy leek and ox cheek faggot, served with a selection of veggies. This perfectly sized portion was well-balanced, you could really taste the good quality ingredients. Partnering it with the celeriac mash kept it from being stoggy whilst adding flavour. The faggot was rich in flavour and was perfectly sized within the whole dish.



2014-04-24 21.05.07                                  2014-04-24 21.05.24


I’m not usually a dessert person but the Lost and Found had several puddings to chose from, for me. I went for the peanut butter parfait with peanut brittle and millefeuille. It also had little splodges of raspberry coulis which can it a peanut butter and jam sort of taste. This dessert was wonderful, another generous portion size and perfect balancing of different flavours and textures.


Danny had the melting chocolate pot pudding which came with salted caramel and tonka bean ice cream. The fondant was perfect and the chocolate came oozing out with the first spoonful (*happy faces*). After having a try, the thing that struck me most with this dessert was the truly delicious ice cream. It’s flavour was something I have never tasted before and I would really recommend trying it.


If you’ve been to The Lost and Found before, prepare to be wowed by their new menu. If you’re heading there for your first meal, be prepared for an evening of fantastic food (loose trousers) and perfectly made cocktails!!

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