Rib Nights Round 2


Yes. That is correct. A night dedicated to ribs. A hidden treasure which can be found in Birmingham, (The Church Inn) on random dates throughout the year. See their Facebook page for more detail here, and their twitter page here. Rib Nights is also going on tour… first stop Leicester, so roll up those sleeves and keep an eye out for a Rib Nights event near you.

The power is put in the hands of the diners for the evening. I managed to get tickets to Round Two which saw Miss Piggys BBQ and Pit Smoked Barbeque fight it off to become the champion of ribs. Ribs were delivered labelled A and B with a side of chips, coleslaw and corn bread. Diners were then requested to use the rib juice of their favourite rib to create a finger print in the box of their winning selection of ribs… It was a hard decision. Long, detailed discussions took place across the dinner table… who had the best flavour? Which had the best texture? The meal was set in a banquet style manner so we got to know those sitting around us and bonded over a true love a seriously great food, drinks, music and magic. Of course, any reservations and shyness were shattered by the compulsory pickleback – a shot of Jim Beams, Devil Cut whiskey, followed by a shot of pickle juice. A whiff of the pickle juice and your nose hairs stood on end but it was well appreciated after a shot of whiskey… a great combination which fuelled our hunger for the food to come.


Overall the evening was full of excitement and expectation. Once the ribs arrived, nothing else mattered. I had an important decision to make…


I cannot speak highly enough of the food that was served to us. Hence why I will be attending Round 3! This time, two new competitors are fighting it off and my oh my have Miss Piggys BBQ and Pit Smoked Barbeque set the bar high. There were two rounds of tickets released for Round 2 of Ribs Nights… after roughly 15 seconds, only 1 ticket from the second release of tickets remained after they went on sale at 7am, and that was soon snapped up. I felt the similar scramble for tickets I have felt attempting to buy tickets for events such as Glastonbury or Beyoncé. The foodie equivalent. You may laugh but one taste of these ribs, in this great atmosphere and you will set your alarm and prepare yourself to buy tickets to Rib Nights half asleep.

1016553_573376816082540_1182012745_n 1621754_573376972749191_1361441323_n

So, what are you waiting for… find out when and where the next Rib Nights event is. The next one I am attending is on the 13th April for which there is a lunch time and dinner time sitting. You can buy tickets for this day here.

All pictures featured within this post were taken by Jack Spicer Adams: http://jackspiceradams.com

Yep, that’s right, not only is there a magician and a DJ but there is a photographer too!

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