Revolution Birmingham Cocktail Masterclass

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be invited along to experience Revolutions new cocktail masterclass. With it being my first ever one I was excited to get stuck in and try a few new drinks! We were greeted with a flute of prosecco which loosened us up for the shaking and games to come.

My favourite thing about the masterclass was the fact that after the bartender served each cocktail, a small appetiser flew out of the kitchen to accompany the drink. First up was a Strawberry Woo Woo which came with a delicious deep fried cheese bon bon topped with a strawberry.


Secondly, a mojito with a panko breadcrumb and sweet chilli prawn.


A cosmopolitan and a nacho with guacamole. Despite the fact that this wasn’t my favourite nibble (it was a tad boring), I was obviously enjoying it too much and forgot to take a picture.

Lastly, to finish us off was a Tennessee mud shake with came with a chocolate bon bon topped with a raspberry.


Pairing the cocktails with a nibble is a fantastic idea and really appealed to the inner foodie in me. It really does give Revs an edge on their masterclasses, offering people the opportunity to learn even more about cocktails and frankly, to have a good old nibble in the process.

After being shown how to make the above we were given the opportunity to each pick a cocktail to make ourselves. I love a good mojito so I decided to make the Passion Fruit and Strawberry Mojito. A really delicious, fruity cocktail. Michal, our cocktail bartender, was absolutely brilliant and kept the evening fun for everyone even when others were making their own cocktails.


After we were all armed with our own cocktail, the games began. The first game involved making a Strawberry Woo Woo. Of course, it wasn’t as simple as that… in pairs, one person had to stand behind the other and thread their arms through their partners. The person behind had to use their hands to make the cocktail whilst the other looked on, barking instructions. We also had to rely on memory, back to Michal’s demonstration. The first pair to finish won, however there was also a taste test so both pairs had to take a shot in the end.

IMG_4102 The next game also required people to pair up. I paired up with my friend Katie, against another pair. This time, it was a race to make a mojito, however, only one person in the pair was allowed to make it at any one time and the other person had to be at the other side of the bar. When Michal shouted swap, Katie and I had to swap places and the other had to continue the cocktail. Again, it was a race but both pairs had to take a shot after the more slowly made cocktail tasted better (hmm, are they trying to get us drunk?!).


Finally, two members of the group hadn’t participated in a game at this point and so had to have a ‘shake off’. It was great fun to watch them shaking their cocktails in the strangest ways and it was an overall draw!

The games were over but we weren’t ready for the fun to stop. Michal constructed cocktail domino train which plunged a different flavour of vodka into a tumbler of lemonade. It looked great and was a brilliant end to the evening (especially as we all got one of the drinks!).


We were so pleased with the evening we decided to stay for a few more cocktails. My favourites were: Rum Bongo, Pornstar Martini and Passion Fruit and Strawberry Mojito. However, after the cocktail class, service did seem to deteriorate. The cocktails we ordered were slow to come and arrived at the same time as our food and they seemed to be out of a large number of dishes. Nonetheless, my meal; king prawn & chorizo stone baked flatbread served with chilli mint jam was really tasty and I would not hesitate to eat here again.


Overall, Revolution have a brilliant cocktail masterclass packed full of fun, treats and the all important, top quality cocktails. Their cocktails are the real deal with no corners cut and they have some snazzy concoctions to keep you on your toes.

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