To celebrate handing in our dissertations,  some fellow Geographers and I headed to Bodega for food and cocktails. It was the second time I’ve been and I cannot wait to go again!

We had to order our food the day before our booking as we were a large group. This worked out well because the food came quickly and it meant paying at the end was much easier as we all worked it out beforehand. We ordered drinks straight from the bar and paid as we ordered which kept everything simple. Luckily we were sat right by the bar so it wasn’t any hassle.

The cocktail menu had so much choice, I didn’t know where to start. I’m a sucker for cocktails with elderflower in them so I started with a Pepino.





This was delicious and not short on alcohol! It’s  a pisco based cocktail with pear syrup, elderflower and fresh lime!








Next up was a Blueberry and Elderflower Margarita! Delicious and the sugar coated glass rim was a treat! This time some tequila, el jimador reposado and cointreru!





image 6



Finally, I had a Angélica’s Caipiriniha which was less zesty and sharp than the previous two, a bit more refreshing! It had rum in it and créme de banane, fresh lime and pineapple! All the cocktails were £4 each! Between 5-7pm the majority of cocktails are reduced to £4 which was great and we all made the most of it!



The cocktails are in the order in which I had them with my meal but they are also in rank order, with the first being my favourite. This is not to say that I was disappointed by any of them! Next up, food….

image 5

I ordered the slow pulled beef Bodega burrito (£9.50) which came with salad, sweet potato fries and a selection of dips (salsa, guacamole and sour cream). There was a mix up with the order and some of us only received the burrito but the waitress quickly corrected the mistake and bought out the rest of our meal! The meal was absolutely delicious. With my parents being beef farmers I had high expectations, and they were all met. The beef was wonderful, it just melted away in my mouth. There was some more salsa in the burrito itself with rice and cheese… lets just say, the healthy eating plan was scrapped, but I would happily grow old and fat with a Bodega burrito by my side. The fries were perfect, especially with the dips. I also had some of the sauce provided on the table called Pip’s Hot Sauce which was SPICY but with a little sour cream mixed in was full of flavour! I’ve seen this sauce being sold at farmers’ markets around Birmingham and was thrilled when I saw it on the table so I had to try it. The only thing I would change for next time is to order the Medium burrito as opposed to the mild. I can handle a bit of spice but for some reason I was over cautious when ordering but the mild wasn’t spicy at all. That was my fault though, I cannot fault anything provided by Bodega. I cannot wait for my next visit. Some of my friends had the bean burger which is definitely something I would like to try. Last time I had the Mahi Mahi fish dish which came with sweet potato mash. Another fab meal but I would recommend the beef burrito just because the beef is so wonderfully cooked.

image 2image 3

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