Asian Trout Burgers

Light supper: Asian trout burgers

A new favourite of mine has to be these delicious trout burgers. I found a recipe for salmon burgers but I only had trout so I did a bit of mixing and matching. The Thai red curry paste, soy sauce, ginger and garlic gave it an Asian twist which I love. I fried it in FryLight to crisp up the edges and then finished it off in the oven and served it with a carrot, cucumber and lettuce salad. It was the perfect supper as it left me feeling content, not stuffed to the brim or still hungry.

For 2 burgers (serves 2):
2 boneless trout fillets (or fish or your choice)
1tbsp of Thai red curry paste
Fresh ginger (to your taste)
1 clove of garlic
1 tsp of soy sauce

Whizz everything (apart from the FryLight) up in a food processor. Mould the mixture into burgers. Fry off in FryLight to crispen up, gently so they don’t fall apart. Transfer into the oven until cooked through (or still slightly rare inside depending on preference and type of fish). Serve with a side salad or something of your choice if you are slightly hungrier!

This has been one of my favourite suppers from January. I will be having it again but might experiment with a different type of fish but I would definitely recommend trout. I will be posting some more favourites from January, in keeping with my healthy eating plan of course!

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