These savoury little treats fill me up and keep me going right up until lunch time. I use one calorie olive oil spray to cook off the ingredients that need cooking first, like the lap chong, onions and spring onion. Then I cook the egg and add the filling once it’s done to melt the feta. I usually wilt the spinach in the microwave or on the hob beforehand to save time and add it at the same time as the feta.

I love an omelette as they’re quick and easy. I usually prep the veg the night before so I can have that extra 3 minutes in bed. They’re also a great way of using up all the bits and bobs in the fridge! Plus, eggs are supposed to be good for focus so I like to have them before a long day of lectures!

My two favourite combos, as pictured above are: feta, spinach and spring onion and lap chong (Chinese sausage) and onion with soy sauce!

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