Thermos Stainless King Flask

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Thermos #OvernightCoffee Challenge at Prufrock in London. It was an action packed, coffee filled morning of learning and sipping. We were introduced to the Thermos brand in a discreet and tasteful way and left with a goodie bag of treats. The morning started with the biggest croissant I’ve ever seen (hooray) and tucking into coffee which had been in the Thermos Stainless King Flask overnight. It was still piping hot and a great start to the morning – I like my hot drinks piping and so I was pleasantly surprised with the steaming coffee that we were greeted with. Next, we were put to work…
image 6
We began by putting a range of coffees through a rigorous test. This included not only tasting the coffee but smelling it and looking at its colour. Afterwards we were all buzzing around the room on a coffee high.
We also learnt the art of making espressos and lattes (more practice needed for me!).
image 5
And whilst some of us created some beautiful coffee artwork, some of us (me) had a more ‘wing it’ sort of approach which meant, pour the milk in and then see what you have created. I created a jelly baby… obviously…
image 4
And so after a great day of sipping and slurping we left with our own challenge (ok, it wasn’t too strenuous). We were given our own Thermos Stainless King Flask which was full of Prufrocks finest coffee on the condition that we had to open it the following morning to see if it was still hot. Mine, unfortunately was lukewarm but after a second go (and with the thermos full to the brim) I left it for 24 hours and it was perfectly hot.  If you’re anything like me, once you’ve opened the coffee it’s going to be devoured and so this wouldn’t prove an issue for me. The Thermos is durable, sturdy and attractive…
image 2
But I think this smaller, one cup Thermos is more in keeping with my lifestyle – for now anyway – I can see the day when I need to lug the King Flask around to satisfy my coffee addiction, but that day hasn’t come, yet.

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