Morrisons Advert: Featuring Dad

For those of you who haven’t seen this advert or perhaps you have seen it but haven’t realised… ‘one of the farmers who supplies the beef’ to Morrisons is my Dad. Not only that BUT that farmer seeing how it tastes in the advert itself is actually my Dad.

What a day. Unfortunately at the time of filming this advert I was at uni revising for my end of year exams but Dad said it was a great day. He had roast chicken in the catering bus… what an odd thought, a double decker catering bus sat outside my house and Dad on the top deck munching on some roast chicken. The yard was full to the brim with cars and vans (according to Dad) it looked like Piccadilly Circus.

Don’t worry, everything is back to normal after Dads 20 seconds of fame. He’ still producing top quality, delicious beef for Morrisons customers, farmers’ market customers and the family. Sorry for the bad quality video but it’s the best I got!

Christmas Dinner: Budget Supermarket vs. Farmers’ Market

Christmas Dinner: Budget Supermarket vs. Farmers' Market
This is my cousin having been defeated by Christmas Dinner.

This year I had two Christmas dinners, the first with my friends at Uni and the second at home with ALL the family. So, I’m just going to provide my thoughts on each… of course taste is the main factor but also price and ease of cooking is considered.

Aldi (served 5):
Four bird roast (turkey, chicken, duck and goose, 1.58kg)
Cauliflower cheese
Pigs in blankets
Yorkshire puddings
Sage and onion stuffing (readymade)
Chicken gravy (readymade)
Total cost: £25
Total cooking time: 3 hours

Farmers’ Market (served 17):
Turkey (54.5kg)
Fennel carrots
Red cabbage with apple
Brussel sprouts
Petit pois
Pigs in blankets (made from scratch)
Chilli stuffing (made from scratch)
Sage & onion stuffing
Turkey gravy (made from scratch)
Total cost: £125
Total cooking time: 6 hours

With most things, the more expensive option is better than the cheaper alternative. This was no exception.

Round one: meat
The four bird roast had nothing on the turkey. It was tasty but each of the four birds tasted the same. There was a severe lacking of crispy skin and moisture for the Aldi meal although the glaze provided did add a nice sweetness to the meat. Also, there was stuffing running through it and you can never have enough stuffing.

Round two: veg
I hate to be predictable but again, the farmers’ market Christmas dinner won hands down. All the veg for the Aldi meal was bought and cooked from frozen so it seemed a bit mushy (I like a bit of a crunch). I suppose it was a bit of an unfair test as well because my Mum does the best roast potatoes going!

Round three: gravy
Well, I’m not a fan of chicken gravy, especially the readymade stuff. It’s got to be made from the juices of the meat unless it’s bisto! The readymade stuff was a bit watery, but it was needed due to the lack of moisture from the other elements of the meal.

Although the farmers’ market meal was the clear winner, I would happily have the Aldi one again. It was cheaper and much less hassle… simply a job of whacking everything in the oven. For the farmers’ market meal, the whole family was roped in. Elements of the dinner were divided up to cook at various members of the families house and then there was a race to the final destination so we could eat it all together. The turkey was born and bred in the same village as my house, transported to the next village, cooked and then returned to my house.

So should I be needing a quick fix Christmas dinner anytime soon, Aldi will be my saviour. But should I have the time, money and resources (family and oven space) then Farmers’ Market produce every time!

Here’s a few pics of each meal:


2013-12-13 19.07.39 2013-12-13 19.16.21

Farmers’ Market:

2013-12-25 16.51.18 2013-12-25 16.37.11

Farmers’ Market – round one

Farmers' Market - round one

Who knew… cupcakes at a farmers’ market. A funny type of farmer that grows cupcakes… I’m not complaining though, give me a salted caramel cupcake anyway. I’m going to stop typing now before I recite my entire dissertation which is on local food and farmers’ markets.
No doubt there will be plenty more pictures to come as I travel the Midlands, spending my student loan on cupcakes and anything else that takes my fancy!