About Me

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Polly and my number one love in life is a great plate of food. Sweet or savoury, I’m not fussy, just hand it over. I’m not a complete food obsessed loner (you’ll have to take my word on that one) and prefer discovering great restaurants/recipes with friends and my foodie family. I have always been surrounded by good quality, local food having been brought up on a farm.
In 2014 I graduated in Geography (BA) from the University of Birmingham. I have lived in London since October 2015. I now get to spend all my money on delicious food which is a dream come true.
Some facts about me:
  • My parents are beef farmers.
  • I love travelling and so far I have spent time travelling in parts of South East Asia, South America and Tanzania.
  • I went to boarding school in Bristol. It was a great experience and made friends for life.
  • I have a Fox Red Labrador called Fred. He’s the bees knees.
  • I could eat crisps all day long.
  • I live in my converse – I certainly cannot walk in heels.
  • I have recently began to like sweet food which is TERRIBLE.
  • I work for a food company, obvs.
Follow my Instagram pollyscoffs or my Twitter can be found here.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Polly

    I’ve helped to build a guide to Shoreditch pubs which we’ve aptly named, the Shoreditch Pub Hub! We’ve recently pushed it live and I was wondering if you would consider featuring it on pollyscoffs.com?


    I’ve attached more information which you might find useful to know.

    Drop me an email if it’s something you might consider publishing.



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