Chinese Laundry, Angel

I think I’ve got a problem, it may require help and it certainly is not in keeping with January healthy eating (not that I’m big on that anyway). I can’t get enough of Asian food at the mo, no matter how much I eat, I just can’t shake the obsession. This weekend alone I’ve had, Chinese, Japanese and Thai and even sriracha on my breakfast eggs. Send help!
It’s not surprising that I ended up at the Chinese Laundry then, there was nothing I could do. I’ve been meaning to go for a while having seen it here and there recently.
The interior itself is pretty cool with a 80s Chinese family vibe, it’s cosy. Who doesn’t love cosy? The menu is perfect for meat lovers and veggie’s alike. The service is supper friendly and accommodating, including warnings on how long the next batch of pork or rice is going to take.
We went for a medley of meaty, fishy and veggie and ended up with this…
Smashed cucumber, XO potato, chestnut duck leg, lava chicken, salted cod & aubergine and sweet basil chicken popcorn. Not forgetting rice and 2 mantou buns as well.
We enjoyed all the dishes, sharing bits here and there. We didn’t realise the clear chilli on the menu meant the dish was cold so were a little taken a back when the chicken and potatoes arrived cold. Nonetheless, the chicken was jam packed full of flavour and yummy things and deliciously moist. The duck fell off the bone and was served with a great sauce. The chicken popcorn – well, never have I ever met a fried piece of chicken I didn’t like and this was no exception. It was crispy and fragrant with a hint of spice.
Overall, the meal was greatly enjoyed by all and I was very pleased to have finally made the trip. We did however think it was a little pricey for what we got. It came to just over £50 including service which was a little steep in our opinion. Having said that, the food was top notch, tasty comfort food, something more special than your average takeaway, or Chinese restaurant.

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