Maison MK, Marrakech

First things first, go to Marrakech! The perfect holiday for a little bit of everything – exploring, relaxing, shopping and most importantly EATING! We were celebrating a birthday whilst there so naturally we thought we book a sophisticated dinner – like the sophisticated girls we are…! After some considerable internet research we settled with Maison MK who offer a 5 course tasting menu served up with tip top service, brilliant views and a delicious selection of drinks (something we found harder to come across).
The whole experience (and it really was an experience opposed to just a meal) was simply put, amazing. We started the evening on the roof top with cocktails (drinks not included in the tasting menu price) and canapés. We were treated like royalty and spent just the right amount of time enjoying the view before heading back downstairs for supper.
 The restaurant is absolutely beautiful with tables set apart from one another and secluded. First of all we enjoyed a spiced tomato consommé with a jail (Moroccan cheese) beignet. It sure did whet our appetite for the courses to come. Just the perfect size to get us going and packed full of delicious flavours.


Next up was a pressed chicken terrine with apricot pureé, pistachio crumb fakass (a Moroccan bread). It was light and fresh and we ate it as fast as the first course.


We had the star of the show next which was de constructed tagines… filet and slow-cooked lamb mechoui with fondant potatoes for three of us. Kaab lghzal ravioli for the final diner. The filet of lamb was superb, the finest lamb I have eaten. The sweetness of the pomegranate was a match made in heaven. We were left feeling content and not over full, ready for our final two courses.
A light and unique sweet dish next. Moroccan strawberries and cream which had black pepper with the strawberries and five peppers in the ice cream. It was the perfect twist of Morocco with a otherwise very normal dessert.


Chocolate mille feuille was the next and final course. Served with chocolate and orange blossom mousse, vanilla shortbread, salted caramel and chocolate & cardamon ice cream. It was so delicious that I instantly forgot to take a picture. Another light dish perfectly suited to the menu.
Maison MK is the perfect venue for a special meal whilst in Marrakech. It’s an experience that has been crafted to perfection right from the food through to the service and surroundings. It’s like a small haven in the hustle and bustle of Marrakech.

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