Department of Meat & Social Affairs, Northampton

Now that’s a mouthful. You’ll also be getting a mouthful of top notch British produce crafted into beautifully mouthwatering meaty treats at Dept. Meat. The menu boasts an array of burgers and hotdogs which are topped with things you have only dreamed of. Now if that doesn’t tempt you I don’t know what will. Well, may be the TRAYS of meat, now I like the sound of meat, on a tray. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the menu here.
Five of us piled into the cosy venue at the bottom of Bridge Street – depending on which way you approach it, you can’t miss it. The food they served up did not dissapoint:
Hot dogs were GOOD. Burgers were GOOD. Sides were GOOOOD. We opted for a burger/hot dog each and shared five sides between us including chips (x2), nachos, onion rings and mac n cheese. All were quickly inhaled. My hot dog (the one with mac n cheese AND bacon) was delicious. The only thing I’d say is that I preferred the taste of the side mac n cheese as opposed to the one on my hot dog (probably because it had even more cheese and you can never have too much cheese). But I would order it again and again and again. Well, I wouldn’t because I plan on trying the whole menu and that would just slow me down.
What surprised me about the place is that it was remarkably light and quiet (noise wise, not people) for a place that I thought would have dimmed downed lights and loud music. We were sat in the same room as the bar which only had two tables and so the other room may have had a more lively atmosphere. This prompted mixed reactions from my fellow diners. Let me give you some examples:
  1. Dad – it was jolly nice to be able to hear each other talking (Dad also mentioned that it is very reasonably priced – he couldn’t believe how the amount of food and drink we got for what he paid).
  2. Those below the age of 30 – the atmosphere was a little lacking, a good place to take those who don’t appreciate having to battle with loud music.
So if you’re looking for a burger in Northampton I’d head to Dept. Meat if you’re going for a family meal. If you’re heading out for a more larey evening then head slightly more into town to MuMu. Both however have the following thing in common – they know how to cook a good plate of food.

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