Buddies USA, Northampton

If you want food, and lots of it, Buddies USA is the place to come. With a few dotted around the Northamptonshire area, they specialise in all things American and they don’t do it half-heartedly. Hamburger heaven is the star of the menu with other American dishes for those who fancy something else. There’s a range of 40+ burgers to choose from with the basic ‘Plain Jane’ to ‘Charlie Brown’ with peanut butter and cheese. And they don’t stop with the topping, you can swap your burn for a sugar coated doughnut and smother your fries in BBQ sauce or cheese sauce…. see their menu here.


If you’re looking for quality food then perhaps give this place a miss but if you’re looking for quantity, and tasty quantity at that then book yourself a booth. The interior will give you hours of fun, kitted out with all things American with rolling film of the streets of New York, the Simpsons or Man vs. Food on the TV screens.


Four of us set ourselves a Man vs. Food challenge. We dared ourselves with an X-L Double with wet fries… each. This means we had two 6oz open burgers, piled with our chosen topping and served with coleslaw and fries. I went for the Chewbacka…



Topping: cheese, bacon, mushrooms, mayo and lettuce. PURE DELICIOUSNESS. May be a tad too much mayo, it meant that I couldn’t really take what I didn’t eat back home in a doggy bag because the mayo would not keep well. However, I love this topping, all of my favourite things piled on top of some beef.



This picture is a birdseye view of my meal, equipped with BBQ wet fries and my cousins who had the Shrek: mozzarella, southern fried chicken, green leaves, garlic mayo and tomato. Another gluttonous, scrummy meal. Both served with a drenched (may be a little too drenched) portion of BBQ wet fries!


We all left very full and very happy. We knew what we were getting and therefore weren’t disappointed with the standard supermarket style burgers. Next time perhaps I’ll try one of these…




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