The Lost and Found, Birmingham


Finally. Finally, I made it to The Lost and Found. Before going I had only heard positive things about this quirky bar/restaurant and it did not disappoint. I went with my boyfriend for Valentines Day and although I expect they do this everyday of the year, the evening was full of cute, quirky little surprises, like the table reservation above. The interior is incredible, apparently an old bank! It’s got a shabby chic feel to it with cute ‘up-recycled’ bits and bobs decorating the incredible, high ceilinged room.

Image                                      Image

I have been for both lunch and supper in the past couple of weeks. I think that shows I am already a dedicated fan. I’ll start with the supper as this was the first meal I had there.

Homemade Bread Sharer: with garlicy herb butter, fresh pesto and oil and balsamic vinegar (£6.50)


I can safely say that this bread combo was the best bread I have ever eaten at a restaurant. You could tell it was freshly baked and it was lovely and warm. There were two types of bread, one which was almost like a croissant, it was incredible. Not only this but the accompaniments were also top notch. I would buy that pesto in Costco style vats if I could.

Grilled Half Lobster Thermidor & Fat Chips (£15)


This was my first time trying lobster so I am no expert but this was delicious. I ate the lobster in approximately 3 minutes as it was so tasty. I could have done with ‘Grilled Five Lobster Thermidor’ but the bank balance would not allow that. Although it was small, the portion of fat chips, fluffy yet crispy on the outside filled me up nicely.

H.G.W’s Steak Burger With Cheddar & Bacon & Fat Chips (12.25)


I had a bite of this wonderful burger as it was my boyfriends and that’s all he allowed me. The meat tasted of good quality and again, surrounded by some great bread.


Image                                 Image

I had two cocktails. Between 5-8pm on weekdays, the ‘Found’ cocktails are £4 so I jumped on this offer. The first one I had quenched my thirst. It was a Raspberry Lemonade which was sugary and sharp, two things I love in a cocktail. Also, I really loved the glass it was served in! Overall, it was a top quality, elegant cocktail. Secondly, I had a Ms. H.G Watson (usually priced at £7.50!), another cocktail I really enjoyed. A Bombay Sapphire based cocktail with blackberry purée, apple juice, lavender syrup and homemade sugar syrup! The slight lavender flavour was so different, I’ve never had it before but again, another wonderful cocktail. I felt like I got them both for a bargain!

Next up, lunch…

The menu on the website is a little outdated unless you download it (download button on the bottom of the menu in the ‘Food’ section). Also, the Lunch Menu isn’t on the website, anywhere, and this is where most of the goodies are! So, drop them an email or a call and I’m sure they’ll share it with you. It was a toss up between the Pulled Pork Pita (which came for a mustard & honey mayo, chunky apple & onion marmalade and a spicy coleslaw) and the Watson Hot Dog (topped with cheddar cheese, tomato & onion caramelised marmalade in a hot dog bun) both served with fat chips of course. I went for…

Image                        Image

Yep. The hot dog (£7.95). Once the waiter put it down in front of me, I didn’t look back. There is nothing bad to say about this. Two sausages, in a bun, covered in delicious tasty sauciness, thank you very much. The sauces also come in tiny jam jars which I love. We also shared a side of poppy seed onion rings. I know, I know, all that for lunch? Well, the only answer yes. Yes, I ate it all. Again, absolutely nothing to complain about with these little goodies.


There are so many things on the menu that I need to try. The Lost and Found is definitely a new favourite, somewhere I will be taking my friends and family when they visit. The waiter and waitress we had whilst there on both occasions were brilliant. Friendly, chatty and attentive. Water was provided within 10 minutes of arriving and they kept coming back to check on us so we felt well looked after.

Until next time The Lost and Found, I hope it’s not too long.

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