Thailand was the first stop during my year out. I spent 10 weeks with 2 others travelling around South East Asia, eating my way from place to place, seeing a temple here and there. I had so many delicious meals, I’d be here all day if I were to tell you about each and every one. So, I have whittled it down to me top five… in no particular order (because it was hard enough picking 5, never mind ranking them)!

1. Food from the Street Festival, Chang Mai


We were spoilt for choice. So many sizzling woks cooking up sensational treats at every corner. The food vendors pitched up outside temples off the main street. On the main street, people selling a variety of nonfood goods set up. The street was packed! Not just with tourists but locals. We opted for: two types of spring roll, deep fried battered prawns, fried rice and of course, your typical Thai dish, a potato spiral. This was some of the best food we had become it was freshly made and true authentic Thai food (apart from the potato spiral). I dream about these dishes when I have a craving for Asian food.




2. Thai green curry noodles


I didn’t come across these again after having them in a Northern area of Thailand, Pai (pronounced Bai). The combo of potato and noodles made for carb heaven and I love the green curry flavour so there was not one thing wrong with this dish. This picture was taken on my birthday so I was a happy chappy.




3. Deep fried spring rolls with sweet chilli dipping sauce



The pastry (I think it was pastry) coating this spring roll was thick and crispy and wonderful. We found ourselves in need of an afternoon snack so popped back to this bar for a spring roll or two on several occasions. Again, another dish in Pai. An area known for it’s slow-paced, chilled atmosphere.




4. Massaman Curry



A creamy sauce with peanuts, chicken and onion. The rice came moulded into a cute heart and the love for this dish continued from there. I haven’t had this since coming home but have some Massman curry paste in the cupboard and I hope it’s nearly as good as this one. We had this in Phuket and on Koh Phi Phi, both times, incredible.




5. Cooking lesson dishes – Thai Green Curry and Pad Thai


Ok, so I cheated and put two dishes in one ranking. But what can I do… there’s too many to choose from! I’d also add Chicken Noodle Soup to this because it is this and the two dishes pictured above that we learnt to cook in Bangkok. We had these three dishes multiple times throughout the ten weeks and so we decided to learn to cook them in the last few days we had in Bangkok before flying home. Doing a cookery class was so much fun, we did one off the Khao San Road with a few other travellers. The lady teaching us was really entertaining and made it a day to remember.

So look out for these dishes on your travels. Other, less Thai snacks we had which are worth a try at least once include pancakes, corn on the cob and all the bits and bobs you can get on the evening of the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan. Also, make sure you head to the beach to enjoy delicious seafood whilst lounging at the table. We did this in Koh Samui… you can select the very fish you want to eat and hey presto, eat up. Wonderfully fresh in a great, relaxing atmosphere…


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