A New Favourite Pancake Topping

A New Favourite Pancake Topping

After seeing and hearing lots of hype about healthy nut butters I decided to try one for myself. I played it safe and went for the Meridian peanut butter. I love it! It’s less salty than the standard (less healthy, in fact very unhealthy) peanut butter but it’s still delicious and makes a good peanut butter and jam combo!

So, a new favourite topping for my morning wholemeal, oaty pancakes is Meridian peanut butter and a summer fruit coulis (to mimic jam)! The morning I took the picture at the top of this post on the morning I ran out of coulis and so just used straight summer fruits which worked equally as well but I do like a warm coulis in the morning.

See my recipes for wholemeal, oaty pancakes for the pancakes themselves and the coulis!!

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