Morrisons Advert: Featuring Dad

For those of you who haven’t seen this advert or perhaps you have seen it but haven’t realised… ‘one of the farmers who supplies the beef’ to Morrisons is my Dad. Not only that BUT that farmer seeing how it tastes in the advert itself is actually my Dad.

What a day. Unfortunately at the time of filming this advert I was at uni revising for my end of year exams but Dad said it was a great day. He had roast chicken in the catering bus… what an odd thought, a double decker catering bus sat outside my house and Dad on the top deck munching on some roast chicken. The yard was full to the brim with cars and vans (according to Dad) it looked like Piccadilly Circus.

Don’t worry, everything is back to normal after Dads 20 seconds of fame. He’ still producing top quality, delicious beef for Morrisons customers, farmers’ market customers and the family. Sorry for the bad quality video but it’s the best I got!

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