Favourite Tea Time Cakes

Every Christmas I get an array of recipe books, all of which I look through meticulously, dog earring the recipes I MUST try NOW. Many of the recipes on my to-do list remain undone. However, there are 2 brilliant recipes I make over and over again, because, sometimes risking not having that perfect tea and cake combination is just not worth it. I am all about tea and cake. Well, I’m not now that it’s 2014 and I have my new years resolutions to abide by but there is simply nothing better than washing down a slice of cake with a nice cup of tea!

So, without further ado:

1. Paul Hollywood’s chocolate almond cake.


I love the dense texture of this cake, you only need a small slice so it lasts longer! Before topping the cake with ganache Mr Hollywood requests we lather the it with cherry jam! The combination of jam and dark chocolate is wonderful. This is a chocolate cake with a dash of sophistication (or so I like to think) and so perfect for those Sunday afternoon tea sessions.

This recipe can be found online at: http://www.mumsnet.com/food-content/chocolate-almond-cake

How To Bake (Paul Hollywood)


2. Stacie Stewarts salted caramel custard and chocolate cake.


I am currently a little bit obsessed with salted caramel. I’m up for trying anything if you mention it’s got salted caramel in it… I’m not usually a fan of custard but gimme a bowl of THIS custard and I’ll polish it off. I’m usually a big fan of desserts and sweet things so the saltiness of this cake is ME all over. Usually a packet of crisps would win over any cake but here we have more of a competition. I’m not sure what it is about this cake and Paul Hollywood’s one but they just both go down so well with a cuppa. The tea just cuts through the salty and cherry flavour its so refreshing and DELICIOUS.

Has anyone else tried these recipes and as impressed by them as me? OR are there any wonderful cakes I need to know about. As you are probably aware, I’m partial to a chocolate cake, but I also love a good lemon cake.

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