2014 New Years Resolutions HELP


Well, first of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR.

So after much consideration I have finalised my New Years Resolutions!! Note the plural RESOLUTIONS – oh yes this year I’m going all out? And of course they are to do with food. In order of difficulty, they are as follows:

1. No crisps

2. No starchy food* after 6pm

3. All starchy food prior to 6pm must be wholewheat

4. Low carb dinners

5. Live by the motto: eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a servant and dinner like a pauper

*pasta, potatoes, rice, bread and cereals

Also a small, tiny little exception is that Sundays are exempt to these rules (apart from rule #1). I mean I don’t want to annoy any Sunday Roast providers by rejecting their roast potatoes. I’m pretty sure it’s lent where Sundays are exempt from the rule but c’mon I’m only a few months premature. Also a New Years Resolution (I think anyway) is about testing yourself and making big changes so mine really do fit that description.

Bearing in mind I am a talented crisp eater and like to gorge myself on bowls of pasta and so on after a long day I foresee myself going slightly mental. So if anyone has any suggestions for a New Years Resolution friendly dinner or wholewheat recipes for lunch please do enlighten me!
I’ll miss you crisps but we will be reunited sometime in the future – I hope not anytime soon but time will tell.
A few posts to come include my trip to Belgium and other carb related adventures. Do not fear, they were all consumed in 2013 so I have not failed.. yet. My lack of internet at my parents house in the middle of nowhere means blogging is confined to my phone so hence why some posts are a tad late.

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