German Christmas Market

German Christmas Market

I had to take out a small mortgage to buy my supper at the German Christmas Market. Looking back on it now, I’m not sure if it was entirely worth it. HOWEVER, I did make a wonderful discovery… Winter Pimms. I’ve never been a fan of mulled wine or mulled cider, but Winter Pimms (mixed with warm apple juice) is so heartwarming and still has a little hint of HELLO IT’S CHRISTMAS!

I also forked out for a currywurst. Having had some wonderful currywurst in Berlin back in Easter my expectations were high. The extortionate price, I thought, could only mean it was going to be a bloody good currywurst but it turns out it was just expensive and not much else. For pudding (because when you have a disappointing main course, a pudding is compulsory) I had a crepe with white chocolate which was pretty much what it says on the tin and again, for a rather large cost.

From this trip to the Birmingham German Christmas Market I can pretty much conclude that the food is expensive and not really all that great. As for the drinks, although they were also expensive they were worth it. After all, who can deny Christmas in a cup? Next time a drink and soaking up the festive spirit will be on the agenda. After all, I’m not a Scrooge and Christmas gathering on a single street in Birmingham has a nice cosiness (or pushing and shoving) to it.

To make up for our lack of delicious food my friends and I slipped into Selfridges where we were greeted by a glass of cranberry and raspberry champagne and salted caramel macaroons. Well this is more like it! Perhaps I’ll spend my free time strolling around Selfridges from now on… who knows what they will be handing out tomorrow?!

Here’s a few pictures from the market and Selfridges…

image copy 2 image copy 3 image copy 5 image copy image

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