Travelling Blues


As winter draws in and deadlines get closer procrastination becomes inevitable. Flicking through pictures of travelling is not a wise past time because:

1. It makes you hungry

2. It makes you cold

3. It makes you feel pale

4. You wonder why you ever decided to come home

Luckily for me and my fellow travellers, we went to a cookery class just before we forced ourselves to get on the plane home. We learnt to cook Thai Green Curry, Pad Thai and Chicken Noodle Soup. Three classics. Three things which I have never been able to properly replicate since returning home. My lack of a wok doesn’t help and living in the middle of nowhere means the supply of tamarind paste and lemongrass and so on is rather sparse. However, being at uni at Birmingham means every ingredient you could ever wish for is on your doorstep. OR there is every restaurant under the sun and therefore you can have a proper Pad Thai courtesy of ekachai noodle bar and plenty more! So looks like I’ve got the food covered but don’t think I’ll be getting a tan anytime soon or strolling down the streets in my flip flops.

I spent 4 months eating my way around Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Tanzania. Don’t worry, I did leave some food for the rest of you. Where do you suggest my stomach should take me next? Please tell me about any amazing dishes you’ve had on your travels!!

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