Sunday Supper Heaven

Sunday Supper Heaven

Everyone knows nothing beats a good old Sunday Supper. I like vegetables, but with a Sunday Supper vegetables are in their element. Drown them in gravy, pair them up with a slice of meat or (more guiltily) cover them in cream and voila… Sunday Supper time! I popped home last weekend for a few shifts at work and more importantly a meal cooked by Mum. Not any old meal though… a meal consisting of a delicious piece of beef fresh from my parents farm. No one in my family is happier than with a slice of beef on their plate… and a few other bits of course – we’re not that hardcore beef farmers! The ‘debating’ between family members begins once the main has been polished off, seconds have been offered and we’re roughly half way through pudding.

Nothing beats my Mums cooking and nothing beats a good old traditional roast dinner. Check out my pollyscoffs instagram page for a close up of the fillet steak prior to cooking… if I’ve wired it up properly, the link should be on the right hand side of this page!

This delicious fillet steak was a 17 month old heifer and had been hung for 18-21 days. It’s mother was an Angus cross and it’s father a pedigree South Devon.

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